Política de Qualidade

- Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

M&M Protek Lda promotes a culture based on quality and on the continuous improvement of its processes and products, in a permanent search for increased efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. It is supported whenever necessary by strategic partnerships with market leaders that complement and guarantee the quality of our offer, aiming at understanding, satisfying, and exceeding our clients' needs and expectations, and constantly seeking external recognition through recognized and prestigious organizational certifications. We are perfectionists by nature and seek solutions to meet new challenges, thus assisting the development of the occupational safety and hygiene sector.

To this end we assume a way of managing the organization, projects and services, conducted through a pro-active leadership, based on an informed decision making, supported by a careful risk management, in knowing and doing, and in a culture of values that inspires attitudes and behaviors of excellence in employees.

Therefore, our Quality Policy is based on the following 12 strategic principles:

Act as a partner with its customers working to obtain their satisfaction through the provision of reliable products/services, technical support in the use of the products supplied and the search for appropriate solutions to the evolution of materials and market trends;
The individual and professional development of employees, through an adequate combination of training and practice, fostering the development of an attitude focused on excellence and teamwork;
Strict compliance with the technical standards integrated in the characteristics of our products, as well as with the certification and accreditation standards by which we are certified / accredited, or with the respective certification / accreditation process underway;
Provide adequate working conditions for our employees;
Provide products and services in compliance with legal, regulatory and customer requirements;
Promote the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
To guarantee the security of information and the protection of personal data, safeguarding the rights and duties defined by the legislation in force.
Fully respect the "Carta Portuguesa de Direitos Humanos na Era Digital" approved on May 17th 2021.
Maintain relationships with suppliers based on a logic of partnership, considering them to be an integral part of the integrated management system, maintaining an evaluation and qualification of the products and services provided.
Perform the various activities in accordance with its integrated management system, systematically evaluate the results of its implementation, and improve in a continuous and sustained manner.
Fully respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and comply with International Conventions.
The proper management of natural resources, energy and waste produced, promoting best practices in prevention and environmental management within the framework of our activities, allowing for a sustained and harmonious development, while ensuring the competitiveness of the organization;
In order to ensure a complete and clear understanding of this policy and of all its implications in the operationalization of our activities, the administration of M&M Protek Lda publicly expresses its availability to dialogue with all interested parties, namely employees, unions, suppliers / sub-suppliers, clients, non-governmental organizations, local organizations, national government entities, about the performance of the Integrated Management System.

Let's generate innovation and change for the construction of a better life and a better future.

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